Asthma and COPD

Asthma is a very common chronic condition affecting three million people in the UK today. The severity of asthma varies considerably, both in children and adults. Many have mild asthma with only occasional problems, whilst others sometimes require hospital admission to control severe attacks.

However, the majority of people can reasonably expect to lead normal and active lives. Asthma cannot be cured, but with the correct treatment from us and good self management many asthma sufferers  can realistically expect to be free of symptoms and able to enjoy and participate in activities like everyone else.

The practice nurses are able to help  you take control of your asthma allowing you the freedom to live your life as you choose, not as your asthma dictates.

Annual or more frequent check ups are offered and practice nurses review and change treatment as necessary, as well as advising on how you can best self manage your asthma.  Lung function may be assessed by spirometry (learn more).  If you suffer from respiratory disease and are not being seen regularly please make an appointment.

Asthma sufferers are strongly advised to have a Flu vaccination  which the practice offers each year.

Find out more about your Asthma at the National Asthma Campaign website

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