Dr Phil Simmons

Dr Simmons Qualified MB BS Newcastle 1991

Dr Simmons has been working as a GP for over 20 years, and in Bristol for the past 10yrs. He has a long-term interest in health inequality, working in areas of high deprivation, and in international health where previously he worked in Central Asia for several years. He speaks a little Persian from his time there and always enjoys practicing his language skills with patients who have grown up in the region. 

Dr Simmons enjoys the variety of work in General Practice and is just at home in the baby clinic as in the many local nursing and residential homes. He also works with patients with addiction issues and substance misuse. He is available to do steroid joint injections. Dr Simmons is interested in GP education and has been a GP trainer for several years encouraging the next generation of doctors to work in general practice. He also works for NHS England supporting GPs with there annual appraisals which is needed to ensure they have appropriate ongoing training. 

He is married to Nancy and they have four children, although he says it feels like a lot more than this. 

Dr Simmons enjoys cycling to work and always appreciates reminders to wear his helmet. In his spare time, he wiles the hours away on a small allotment, and when it rains, he is found making aeroplane models in his study.