Depression . Look at the leaflet on depression produced by the Royal College of Psychiatry. It includes basic information on causes and symptoms, some tips on alleviating depression, and links to support groups. A medical perspective on depression is presented.

Students Against Depression This site contains a lot of useful information about depression and is particularly oriented to the student population.

PAPYRUS, a UK charity committed to suicide prevention. National website for the Samaritans, containing local contact information and telephone numbers. . The website of the Manic-Depression Fellowship. This is an organisation that you can join if you have manic-depression, or know someone else with manic-depression. The website gives information about manic-depression and associated problems, details about services offered by the fellowship and how to access them, explanations about self-help groups and how to join one, and lists of further reading and websites. . The leaflet provides information on depression, mania and manic-depression. It includes symptoms, drug treatments, help on managing mood swings, helping others who are depressed or manic, information on support groups, and a reading list. . The NHS Direct site. Simple but useful information about depression, treatments and self-help.